Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Search

Today I felt the clouds closing in as I arrived at Mom's to take her to a couple appointments, and was greeted with "I can't find my purse"...
I started to ask her when she remembered having it last, but then stopped, because of course she wouldn't remember. Instead I asked questions, made phone calls, grasped at "straws", and finally determined that the missing purse must be somewhere in her apartment.
So the search began.
Every room, closets, cupboards...
not just once, but multiple times.
Where would a person with Alzheimers' Disease
put something valuable like a purse?

Praying to God that He would reveal to me where I should look, 
and for patience and kindness in dealing with my mother who is now more like a child.

Meanwhile, one appointment cancelled, and the other kept in the midst of the search.
Mom kept saying how bad she felt, 
and I assured her that she didn't lose it on purpose,
and blamed the disease.

 I kept looking...
Strange places like the oven, the refrigerator,
under the sink, back to the closets...
on the phone with my daughter, I flipped the top of a shoebox.
And there it was...
the missing purse,
in a SHOEBOX!!

I experienced such relief, but also such sadness.
Another step on the darkening path of this journey...

Thankful that God goes with us every step of the way.

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