Thursday, December 20, 2012


I had to stop over at Mom's today after school for some paperwork. I had told her last night on the phone that I would be doing that...I called before I left work, but couldn't reach her on either her home or cell phones. Telling myself not to panic, I kept trying. Still no answer.
At Oakwood, I climbed the three flights of stairs to her apartment, rang the doorbell, put my key in the lock only to find it unlocked...
Fighting back fear as I walked in and looked around. Times like these I am terrified that I will find her hurt or dead. Then I saw her keys...where could she be without her keys?
I found her at the Community Center...she had played hand chimes with the choir for the vesper service, and had no memory that I would be coming.

I thank God that she was safe, and I pray for patience and for Him to alleviate my fear.
 This path is slippery...