Sunday, September 16, 2012

amazing to witness

 I had the privilege to witness a dream come true
the making of a memory
an amazing experience 
for two people I love

Monday, September 10, 2012

almost like having another child...

This morning I got an email saying Mom's Apple ID password needed to be reset.
I made two phone calls to her to make sure our appointment at the bank was set up.
She told me she had fallen outside this morning, gone to Urgent Care and had a CT scan.

I patiently repeat information, answer questions, tell stories like it's the first time.
and all the while I am's like having another child.

I know that this journey I'm on is known to many.
I've connected in this past week with multiple people who have such stories of their own to tell.

I now know that God was not putting Matthew West's "Strong Enough" on my constant playlist
to help me with the job transition
but for this...
HE is strong enough for both of us
and I can do all things through Christ 
who gives me strength...
one day at a time
one answer at a time
one step at a time...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Good News...Bad News?

Mom had her MRI on Thursday and called to read me the letter she received with the results.
From what she read to me, I would interpret the results that we caught it early, 
as there was no evidence of a specific part of the brain being affected, 
no evidence of strokes or tumors,
but a decrease in brain size that is common with age and memory loss.
Mom is convinced that the diagnosis of Early Alzheimer's Disease
is no longer a valid one based on what she read.

I feel like we're back at square 1
in a way.

And after spending the evening with her,
patiently repeating information that she seemed to hear for the first time, each time...
I feel discouraged
and sad...