Thursday, January 14, 2016

Venturing Further

Just as I've ventured further on a path I like to walk, 
(some of it still unknown to me), 
 and come upon an unexpected obstacle...
so it is with my journey with my mom.

I feel like I'm venturing further into the unknown area that is her Alzheimer's Disease.
Unexpected challenges pop up and must be dealt with.
More and more often she wants to "go home",
and I feel so inadequate, 
not knowing where she thinks "home" is, 
and always pointing out that she IS home 
(and all the positives that go with that).

I know that it is a blessing for her to be at the Knoll at Oakwood Prairie Ridge.
I know that we are fortunate that she can afford to live there.
I appreciate the staff and the relationships I am building with them.
I am blessed with a supportive family, and friends who are "family".

Even so, I feel alone...
with no way of knowing what's around the bend,
as the journey to the unknown continues.