Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunshine and Clouds

Sunshine and Clouds
Moments of joy in the midst of tears

The past week for me has been a blur of meetings, phone calls, 
and settling Mom into her new "home" in Oakwood Knoll. 
Emotional and exhausting...
Confusion and disorientation have been very present for Mom.
She has a difficult time realizing that she is still at Oakwood, 
even as we point out familiar places whenever we leave the Knoll, 
and she can see her apartment from her window.
The first afternoon she was convinced that she was in a hotel room in Wisconsin Dells, 
(I don't think she's EVER stayed in a hotel in the Dells!) 
and seemed amazed that we had brought her recliner and her orchids!
It's an adjustment process, and really, she's been a trooper!
She's friendly to the other residents
(the latest is that she thinks she's working at the Care Center in Prescott)
and has had visits from her friends who've known her for years.

Each day seems to get a little better

And I focus on the sunshine rather than on the clouds.