Friday, March 13, 2015

Hard Weeks

In the past three weeks:
I have tied up the last legal piece...
thought I was going to supper with Mom and ended up taking her to the ER instead...
made arrangements for staff to watch over the antibiotics 
(since she took twice the amount the first day)...
made the hard decision to have her meds totally managed by Oakwood staff
(she hates the locked box on her refrigerator)...
changed her phone number and made it unlisted
(hoping this will end the solicitation calls she forgets to ignore)...

So thankful for the social worker and health and wellness coordinator, and realize I have communicated more with them in these past weeks than I have with many of my friends.

Blessed beyond measure with the people God has placed in my life
who express concern, offer hugs, listen, 
and love me along this road that's going downhill faster than I'd like.

The poem pictured above was shared on Facebook from a site called "A Place for Mom".
It totally spoke to my heart, and is so very true.

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